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Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Whether you have a few employees or dozens of employees along with 1099 contractors, processing payroll can be a daunting task.

Tax withholdings, benefits, vacation, and sick time all need to be monitored. Tax withholdings must be turned over the state and federal governments, and the appropriate reports must be filed.

Yes, there are systems that can help you, but they’re only as good as the information that goes in. Many systems don’t withhold funds or create reports unless told to. Entering and checking information takes a lot of time, and rarely is there a number to call if you have questions.

That’s why we’re here to process your payroll for you. As a full-service payroll processing provider, we’ll help you with:

Everything above is included for one monthly fee. Pricing is based on the frequency of your payroll as well as the number of employees and contractors who get paid each month. That helps us ensure our fees are compatible with your budget.

Note that we are payroll-platform neutral; however, we have a wholesale relationship with ADP. That means we pay a wholesale price to use ADP’s RUN system to process payroll. Of course, if you prefer to use a different payroll system, we are happy to accommodate.


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