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About OnPoint Partners

Business Services & Consulting for Your Small Business

OnPoint Partners was built to be different than most Accounting Firms. We are committed to providing high quality back-office services and consulting services that help you plan, develop and improve your business.

We are unique in that we believe that the greatest strategic plan, tech plan, training are only great if they are implemented. Our operations team is integrated into our consulting services so that we are prepared to offer you operational support services, consultation and an implementation team to make sure the plans are implemented, and metrics are monitored on a regular basis. 

Business Services

Business services can mean many things. To us, it means anything that is required to keep the gears of your business moving efficiently including; financials, HR, office management, contingency planning, process & Procedures and more. Our team has deep experience in all aspects of managing business because we’ve been doing it for years.


We know your business is important to you. It’s important to us, too. Our expert team can identify the pitfalls that are holding you back, uncover financial opportunities, and develop a robust strategy for success. Even more, we’ll stay and work with you to implement your plan. We succeed when you succeed!
Teamwork with business analytical price charts at the meeting room in the morning.

Company Core Values

We view the relationship between us and our client as a partnership. Whether it be completing tasks, organizing budgets, or brainstorming ideas, we use compassion and teamwork to partner together in finding the optimal pathways to success. We maintain that positive growth in a partnership happens when we listen closely to our client and when they make use of our expertise. Our goal is to support our partners, never to make decisions for them.

We understand that the most valuable work comes from passionate and self-disciplined individuals. We always push ourselves to form an uplifting environment and maintain positive relationships with our team members so that we can perform to our greatest potential.

We are committed to helping our partners grow and succeed. We believe in using education and critical brainstorming to bring our brightest ideas to life.

We are in our partners’ corner, not only to improve the growth and profit of their business but also to establish lasting bonds with the people at the heart of it. We strive to integrate and collaborate with a team that can realize the full vision of the businesses we serve.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality support to our partners at a fair price. We study our partners’ goals in detail so that we can confidently tailor our services to their needs and ensure the price we quote is the price our partners pay. No hidden costs.

Our Team Member

Our Expertise Will Help You Succeed

Cheryl A. Hurtt

President and Chief Operating Officer

Gary W. Fredericks

Chief Executive Officer

Dawn Calzada


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