Payroll Processing Services

OnPoint Partners LLC

Managing payroll is an important part of running a small business. Tax withholdings, benefits, vacation, and sick time must all be tracked and verified. And of course, reporting to state and federal governments must be done correctly and on time.

Indeed, there’s payroll software, but it only works if people enter accurate data and maintain proper records. That’s why at OnPoint Partners, we manage your entire payroll process.  

Payroll processing services
Located in Wilmington, DE, OnPoint Partners specializes in delivering expert, small-business payroll processing in Delaware, Philadelphia/Southeastern PA, Southern New Jersey, and Baltimore/Northern Maryland. Many payroll processing providers will give a price and then add on fees for regular services outside actual payroll (i.e., 1099s, quarterly taxes, electronic reports). Our clients pay a flat monthly fee for all payroll processing related services listed below. Pricing is based on the frequency of your payroll as well as the number of employees and contractors who get paid each month. That helps us ensure our fees are compatible with your budget. We help you with many facets of payroll processing, including:
  • Processing salaried and hourly employees’ pay
  • Tax and benefit withholding
  • Vacation and sick time tracking
  • Tax filings
  • Direct deposit
  • Emailed payroll reviews for management approval
  • Emailed payroll reports every payroll period
  • Processing monthly, quarterly, and yearly payroll tax returns
  • Processing W-2’s
  • Processing payroll W-2 and 1099 payments in the accounting system
  • Processing 1099 returns
  • Processing new hires and complying with new hire reporting requirements
  • Processing court-ordered deductions
  • Processing 401(k), health insurance, and voluntary insurance deductions
  • Accessing “pay as you go” workers’ compensation payments
  • Compliance with rules and regulations for any state of residence
  • Maintenance of electronic payroll records
Complete the form on this page or call 302.655.5606 for more details or to get started on addressing your payroll processing needs. We look forward to working with you.