“Miracle” Payroll Apps

Sometimes You Get What You Pay For

We finally made it to 2021. With the change in year comes a new wave of ads for products that can make a business owner’s life easier. This includes apps that enable you to process payroll “with just the click of a button.” These apps may be good at processing your payroll, but they fall short with everything else you face as an employer: paying quarterly taxes, signing up for unemployment insurance in each state your workers come from, securing workers’ compensation insurance, handling audits, tracking family leave, and more.

What’s more, payroll apps may be good at giving you data, but they don’t provide the oversight most business owners need to keep everything related to employees organized and in compliance. These processes, legal requirements, and other unforeseen issues are the reason a smart business owner will outsource their payroll processing and HR management.

From a financial perspective, if you’re looking to pay just one or two people once a month, it makes sense to purchase an app or payroll service. However, payroll is usually more complicated than that. For instance, you may have more employees or want to pay more frequently (bi-weekly, weekly, or bi-monthly). Or you may have hourly employees and 1099 contractors whom you need to pay regularly. This is when you should consider hiring a professional who can help prepare your payroll, head off issues, and follow up on errors.

At OnPoint Partners, we help clients with payroll, payroll taxes, W-2s, 1099s, benefit administration, and more. We can process your payroll while overseeing all the financial and compliance activity. While we can use any payroll application to process and manage your HR, we are a wholesale provider for ADP®. We use the ADP Run platform and pass our wholesale costs onto our clients so they pay less overall. For more information, please contact one of our experts.