Human Resource Consulting

OnPoint Partners LLC

Human resource management is complex. From regulation compliance to employee benefits, performance reviews, and risk management, there are numerous problems that arise that can hurt a small business.

Since many small businesses may also struggle to afford a full-time human resource manager, OnPoint Partners is their dedicated resource.

Human Resource Consulting
Located in Wilmington, DE, OnPoint Partners specializes in delivering expert, small-business HR consulting in Delaware, Philadelphia/Southeastern PA, Southern New Jersey, and Baltimore/Northern Maryland. Our clients also only pay for what they need—we initiate a collaborative assessment of each client’s circumstances and tailor their human resource management program to address those needs. We help you with many facets of human resources administration, including:
  • Maintenance of employee files
  • Monitoring of staff PTO balances and reports to senior management
  • Responses to all requests from the Department of Labor & Unemployment
  • Disciplinary meetings and termination meetings
  • Preparation and processing of workers’ compensation claims
  • Performance of employee evaluations as requested
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Performance of screening interviews and onboarding
  • Responses to requests for employment and wage verifications
  • Evaluation of and updates to all job descriptions periodically as defined by management
  • Responses to court-ordered child support payments and wage garnishments
Complete the form on this page or call 302.655.5606 for more details or to get started on addressing your HR needs. We look forward to working with you.