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OnPoint Partners: The First 10 Years

Here at OnPoint Partners, LLC, we provide business, consulting, sourcing, and education services for small businesses, schools, and districts. Check back on our website regularly for more information about our company.

About OnPoint Partners

In 2008, the founders incorporated a company called EFS Business Partners. The company was established to assist small- and medium-sized business beat the challenges that exist for the owners and to level the growth process for larger companies. EFS Business Partners (EFS means Equipped for Success) offered a suite of services such as bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll processing to clients in a bundle or a la carte.

As we developed relationships with our clients, we began to realize that they needed more than simply some assistance with the accounting and payroll of their business. Some needed assistance developing strategies while others needed a voice to answer the phone and someone to collect aged receivables, so EFS Business Partners expanded its offering to include all back-office services and some consulting.

In 2010, the Founders felt it was time for a name change to reflect our expanded services, so we filed for a name change. We began adding additional consulting clients and felt our name did not adequately depict us or our organization. With the assistance of one of our marketing partners, we landed on the name OnPoint Partners. Our mission was to be long-term “partners” with our clients. We wanted to provide a wide range of services to them that represented what they needed; no more no less. Our Services would be OnPoint with what our clients needed.

"OnPoint" depicts our desire to be relevant and accurate with the services we offer and "Partners" represents how we view our clients. We spend every piece of knowledge and every grain of energy to make sure that our clients are successful, and they appreciate what we do.

Over the years, we have identified fraudulent transaction and provided forensic accounting principles to identify the perpetrators, saved a Credit Union from relinquishing its license to business, helped countless businesses get back up to date with their books, employee records, compliance issues, and many other things.

This year, we celebrate our 10th anniversary in business, and we are hopeful for 50 or even 100 more years like the past 10. We love our clients; our partners and we hope you will give us a try going forward. You will not be sorry…

Celebrate Success

From Wall Street to Main Street, we have been helping businesses succeed and grow for over 10 years. Let us help you!!

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