Riding the wave or being crushed by it: Can customer service help companies survive this recession?

        Gary Fredericks, Onpoint Partners

Have you noticed? Our economy, which has transformed from agrarian to industrial to technical, is now in transformation again. For want of a better term, our economy is now transforming into a service economy. This transformation began in the late 1980s as industrial and manufacturing jobs were being shipped overseas and the technical revolution (or Dot Com) era was beginning.

At first glance, this transformation may seem as though it showed up unexpectedly and much more quickly than any other economic transformation. If we think about it, however, this transformation is coming at the hands of the technical revolution. Let me explain: The technical economy, built on technical revolution, presented whole new ways to communicate and connect not only with friends but with the world. So the global economy—which can be pretty intimidating—was born! As technology began to represent a large portion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), tech products became the new automobile. This made customer service much more important, because as tech devices became smaller and more complex, people needed more help operating and fixing them. As a result, the service industry is now growing more quickly than any other industry.

Customer service ought to exist in every company that produces a product and even in many companies that provide services. After all, on line surveys can easily provide a business with information about how good or bad a customer’s service or product experience was.

However, not enough companies take this information and use it to improve their service. Is your business keeping up? It’s no secret that providing customer service is a great way to get in front of and keep your customers. It’s also no secret that many U. S. companies have problems providing exemplary service to their clients. Companies in Europe and South America are ahead of us in both customer experience and methods of communication.

It’s not difficult, or expensive, for companies to provide excellent customer service. It will become very expensive, however, for those companies that do not. 


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