Facilities Management

Onpoint Partners Handles Charter School Building Renovations, Relocations, Leases

We’ll take the hassle out of charter school renovations and relocations.

One of the biggest headaches for any charter school is locating, renting and renovating a building. We’ll work with local realtors to locate the best site for the best price. We’ll create the necessary financial reports to attract lenders, and we’ll help navigate the compliance and legal issues that arise during the planning phase. Then, our team of respected and reputable builders and contractors will transform the site by installing inviting classrooms, efficient office space and up-to-date plumbing, electrical, IT and HVAC systems. Once the school is up and running, our team can establish a maintenance schedule to ensure that all systems will be maintained at peak performance throughout the school year.

We’ve established a four-phase property cycle that will take a charter school from strategic planning and raising capital through construction, compliance and ongoing maintenance, including 24×7 support.

Call 302.655.5606 to discuss how we can adapt our facilities program to your school’s needs..

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