Add AFLAC to Your Employee Benefits and Compensation Packages

If you’ve ever been out of work because of an illness or injury, you know there are two things that are increasingly hard to come by: peace of mind and cash benefits. AFLAC insurance policies help provide both. AFLAC has the highest claims-to-payment ratio in the insurance business, and the lowest administrative cost-to-claims ratio of any competitor.

AFLAC benefits are 100% employee-paid, so there’s no cost to the employer. In fact, employers can save money when they offer AFLAC because most premiums are paid for with pre-tax dollars, thereby reducing the employers’ payroll tax burden.

Employees benefit from pre-tax deductions, too. Something else employees will like: Policyholders are paid directly, regardless of any other health benefits they currently have.

As a licensed agency for AFLAC, OnPoint Partners can help you tailor AFLAC plans as part of your comprehensive benefits and compensation strategy. We are a full service provider with dedicated staff to assist with claims and customer service.

Call us at 302.655.5606 to learn more about AFLAC’s variety of plans, including:

  • Accident
  • Cancer
  • Critical illness
  • Dental
  • Hospital
  • Hospital intensive care
  • Personal sickness
  • Specified health event


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